Webinar Distance Education

Webinar Distance Education

All of our programs and courses, including the full Professional Homeopathic Training Program are also offered through live Webinar Distance Education. This means that you can follow classes live through your computer, complete assignments and take exams alongside the attendance students.

Our program is therefore accessible to you no matter where you are located, as long as you have a good internet connection and an up to date computer with the ability to watch videos and use web-conferencing software such as Skype. If you live in a different time zone which makes  it difficult for you to attend live classes between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, you can still follow the course by watching the class video after it has been posted. These videos are also available for you to watch at a later date if you miss a class or if you are not available on class days.

OCH has an Online Classroom environment. Assignments, presentations and lecture notes are shared using the Online Classroom and are easily accessible to all students. These online tools are fairly easy to use and OCH provides training on their use to all students at the beginning of the program.

Schedule and Tuition

Webinar students are expected to hand in assignments and take exams at the same time as other students. Distance Education students who follow class videos on the days after the classes occur are given 1 extra week to hand in assignments, but are expected to complete exams at the same time as other students.

Tuition and all fees are the same for Webinar Distance Education students as for attendance students.

Clinical Internship Program

Webinar students follow the Clinical Internship Program at the same pace as the attendance students. They tune into the clinic setting by webinar and interact with supervisors and patients. The clinical training involves alternating roles between being a primary and secondary case taker. When webinars students are secondary case takers, they are not the main student asking questions to the patient. In this scenario, they follow the case being taken at the Ottawa College of Homeopathy Teaching Clinic through webinar. When webinars students are primary case-takers, they are the main student taking the case and therefore usually see a live patient in their own physical environment while the supervisor and a few other students follow the case in Ottawa via webinar. In this scenario, the supervisor helps the student taking the case by following them and the patient via webinar. The webinar students are able to see patients in their own clinical setting as well as follow patients through live webinar.

Supervisors then continue mentoring the webinar students after patients leave in order to give feedback and guide them in their understanding of the case. As the internships progresses, students gain confidence and assistance by the supervisor becomes less and less necessary.