The following tuition applies to the 3-year Professional Homeopathic Training Program:

Application fee: $125 Non-refundable fee which must be paid when applying for admission to the Ottawa College of Homeopathy
Non-refundable tuition deposit: $500 This deposit is made to confirm your registration into the program and must be made within 14 calendar days of receiving an Acceptance letter from the OCH. It counts towards your tuition.
Tuition: $7500/year The remaining balance of your tuition must be paid 14 calendar days before the first day of class. Tuition for years 2 and 3 is also $7500/year and is payable 14 days before the start of class each year.
Scheduled payments: 4% administrative fee ($300/yr) Scheduled payments are available to pay for tuition. A 4% administrative fee ($300/yr) is added to the tuition for those choosing this option.

Scheduled payments may be made every 3 months following this schedule: March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1. For year 1, each payment is $1825 because of the tuition deposit. For years 2 and 3, each payment is $1875.

Late payments: $50 A late fee of $50 applies to any late payments.

*OCH is a federally-certified private educational institution. Students may therefore apply for tuition and education tax credits. All tuition and course fees are also HST tax exempt. At this time, OCH students are not eligible for education loans through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

*Tuition and fees are subject to change upon yearly review. We strive to provide 2 months notice to students when changes do occur.

Tuition for Other Programs

The Academic Foundation Program is given over 3 years. This program does not include a clinical internship. The tuition for the first  and second  Academic Foundation year is $7500 per year. The Second Academic Year  education extend over years 2 and 3  along side the Clinical internship.

The tuition for the Clinical Internship Program which extends over years 2 and 3 is $7500. The application fee, non-refundable tuition deposit, and scheduled payments administrative fees (4%) apply as above.

Single courses may be taken for those admitted as special students. Prices vary per course and number of credits. Please enquire with our Head Administrator for details.

Payment Methods

Our preferred method of payment is by Debit in person at our Integral Health Clinic offices. We also accept payments through the following methods: Cheques made payable to the “Ottawa College of Homeopathy” and Interac email money transfer. For those paying in installments (scheduled payments), paying with a credit card on file at OCH is our preferred option. A 4% administrative fee applies to scheduled payments and a 2.5% administrative fee to any other payments made by Visa or Mastercard (tuition deposit payments or full tuition payments).

Other Costs

Here is a breakdown of other costs related to studying homeopathy with OCH.

  • Textbooks and supplies, including homeopathic software: $600-700 in year 1 and $200-300 per year in years 2 and 3.
  • International seminars: OCH invites international guest lecturers who provide seminars on the most recent advances in homeopathy once or twice a year. These seminars are mandatory for students and total costs run from 300-600$ per year.
  • Computer: Students need a computer to access class presentations and to submit assignments. A laptop is preferable but a desktop is sufficient.

Refund Policy

Requests to withdraw from a course or a program must be submitted by email to the Program Director with an explanation of the reasons for this decision. The following policy applies for withdrawal from a program and refunds.

  • 100% tuition refund (excluding the $500 tuition deposit) up to 7 calendar days after the beginning of a program or course.
  • 50% tuition refund (excluding the $500 tuition deposit) up to 4 weeks after the beginning of a program or course.
  • There is no refund for withdrawal later than 4 weeks after the beginning of a program or course. Students paying by scheduled payments must complete their tuition payments for that academic year.