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“I’m convinced that the course format, with extensive use of video cases is the best way to prepare for practice. Rather than being dry and repetitive, the remedies came alive before our eyes. And because we have seen real patients, recounting real problems, we have been able to transition to our own practice with very little difficulty. I do believe this course is top-notch and I would recommend it to anyone. I’m happy to hear it will be offered again. It’s been a wonderful experience for me, and I’ve learned so much from you in such a short time, and I am very thankful to you.”

Ed Kallio

“I graduated from OCH Advanced Prescriber’s Course. Mastering homeopathy is no small task & there are dangers along the route. One can easily get lost in the immense amount of detailed information or fixated on certain approaches.

Shahram Ayoubzadeh, ND & his colleague Julek Meissner, ND bring a special clarity & focus to the teaching of homeopathy. They are well grounded in the Hahnemannian classical approach & guide us safely through the shoals & reefs that can hamper the homeopathic student. Despite their extensive experience both Shahram & Julek are extremely approachable, open minded & not attached to positions from an ego perspective.

Prior to the Ottawa College of Homeopathy (OCH), I had the good fortune to be exposed to a number of master homeopaths from different schools of homeopathic thought. Some, while brilliant, are fixated on their own theories and techniques. Now, here in Ottawa, I have the opportunity to benefit from teachers who are extremely open minded, continually learning from world-class homeopathic teachers and bringing these insights back to us.

The OCH approach is focused on case taking & case management. The classes are extremely interesting & interactive with video cases presented for analysis. I have found the 3 years to be a journey of self-discovery. I have had to learn to get in touch with my intuitive self. I have also formed deep & lasting friendships with my classmates & the teachers all of whom have exhibited good humour & a cooperative spirit. I heartily recommend the OCH Professional Homeopathic Training Program for anyone planning to make a serious commitment to become a homeopathic practitioner.”

Jim Roy

“The seminars are designed in such a way as to make easy links between philosophy and practice, between understanding patients and understanding the remedies that will help them. The two days are a graceful dance which keep up a lively tempo with mindful participation — a pleasure indeed. Shahram Ayoubzadeh is an inspired teacher, one who makes us conscious that we are learning to treat the whole person.”

Any Jarnet

“Dr. Ayoubzadeh is the first homeopathic instructor that made my homeopathic education not only engaging, empowering & fun, but rewarding on a multitude of levels. He stimulated our curiosity, encouraging each of us to go above & beyond the classroom work, & our clinical cases, to discover our own truth about homeopathy. He brought homeopathy to life for us, facilitating our attending the seminars of the best, leading-edge homeopathic practitioners in the world, & supporting us in reading & understanding the most up to date literature available.”

Dorise Sweetnam

“Shahram: thank you for giving us the opportunity to study Homeopathy in Ottawa! It was time for us to have a local school of Classical Homeopathy and you made it happen. Besides learning about the fundamental pillars of homeopathy, we were also exposed to the newer approaches and ideas of famous contemporary homeopaths like Sankaran, Chabbra, Scholten or the Joshis. It was a great pioneering adventure for all of us, students and teachers! Gaela, Maria and Mokhtar: thank you all for sharing with us your knowledge and unique perspective of homeopathy and for making it a fun and intriguing experience!”

Raluca Movileanu

“There are many reasons why I would highly recommend OCH’s homeopathy program to anyone wishing to enter this life-altering field, but here’s just one. As OCH students, we are so fortunate to have four dedicated and passionate instructors who each provide us with their unique perspective and approach to learning the remedies, case taking and homeopathic philosophy while ensuring that we are grounded in the core principles. Every patient is unique, so the breadth of knowledge we gain thanks to OCH will help us become the well-rounded and versatile homeopaths so vital to the advancement of homeopathy.”

Kristina Kolley

“Wow, where do I start…I am very thankful for having learned more about Homeopathy. I experienced a profound sense of empowerment, knowing that we already have a system of natural medicine we need to trigger our body’s healing ability. What exceeded my expectations and I believe is the reason that sets this school apart: the people. All of the teachers are passionate about Homeopathy and bring their own unique style which creates an encouraging and supportive environment to learn the many approaches of practicing Homeopathy. The students and staff are equally passionate, very approachable and authentic. Even if you do not decide to practice Homeopathy, the program is well worth the time and energy to be able to help family and friends with effective natural alternative medicine. I am already amazed with the impact of Homeopathy and look forward to the difference this program will make in my life and the years to come. With sincere gratitude, thank you!”

Shannon Redburn Alvarado

“My experience with the OCH 3-year course has been enlightening & inspiring. Shahram Ayoubzadeh captivated us with his lectures as he time & again led us through a series of connections to present a remedy. The quantity and quality of the knowledge given to me throughout the course has been well worth the time & effort it has taken to absorb it. I would suggest participation in this course for anyone who has an interest in homeopathy, & especially for those who would like to attain a strong understanding of homeopathy as a basis for serving others as homeopathic practitioners.”

Gina Kemp

“Shahram, you have a gift as a teacher of homeopathy. To teach the ‘art’ of a healing modality is no mean feat. I admire your patience, your flexibility, your generosity and willingness to share all of your knowledge with us. I hope that you will continue to travel and teach.”

Denise Konopaski, Sault St Marie