Program Overview

The Professional Homeopathic Training Program

The Professional Homeopathic Training Program is a unique 3 year in-class or online program leading to a career as a licensed homeopath. Its aim is to help students achieve excellence in the theoretical study of homeopathy and translate this knowledge into practice through rigorous clinical training. The program is suited to those who are interested in homeopathic medicine as a healing modality and who wish to learn to apply it to help themselves and others in their community. Homeopaths study health and disease as pertains to both the body and the mind. As such this program also stimulates a process of personal growth in students, allowing them to understand themselves and others more deeply and to lead healthier and happier lives.

Our program is unique in that it is Comprehensive, Clinically-focused, and Personal.

Comprehensive: During their 750+ hours of academic study, students gain in-depth knowledge of the full spectrum of principles and methods used in the practice of classical homeopathy. From the basic principles introduced by Hahnemann, to further developments made by Boenninghausen, Boger, and Kent, to the contemporary methods of Vithoulkas, Sankaran and Scholten, this program teaches students the complete gamut of skills which they need in order to become successful homeopaths.

Clinically-focused: The most difficult part of learning any profession is to acquire the practical skills needed to go from theory to practice. At the Ottawa College of Homeopathy (OCH), we believe that the best homeopaths are those who have seen many patients in multiple practice scenarios. Our clinical focus means that students get a jump start at clinical practice starting immediately in their second year of study. Our Clinical Internship Program is spread over 2 full years and provides 225+ hours of clinical training including case taking, case analysis and supervision time. This way, students learn to cultivate extensive skills necessary to promote and restore natural health over an extended period of time.

Personal: The Ottawa College of Homeopathy offers a personal and intimate class setting. Group sizes are usually kept small and students often have the opportunity to exchange with teachers over lunch or during different social events. This intimate environment allows our students to learn homeopathy in a setting which is comfortable, welcoming, and conducive to their well-being. Students graduate as well-trained homeopaths who are ready to provide quality homeopathic care to their patients.

Our program follows the high standards set out by the College of Homeopaths of Ontario (CHO), the regulating body for the homeopathic profession in Ontario. Graduating students can therefore apply for licensing with the CHO or the body which regulates homeopathy in their local jurisdiction.

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Course Format

Classes are held one day a week, from September to May each year. Semesters are 5 months in duration and go from September to January and February to May. Our next cohort of students will have classes on Saturdays starting September 2017 or February 2018, depending on demand. If most students are only available on Sundays or one full weekend every second week, these options will be considered. If you prefer one of these last 2 options, please indicate it on your Application Form.

Each week, students get 7 hours of in-class instruction and must complete an average of 3 hours of personal study. There is no class on long weekends or during the Christmas holidays (2 weeks off). In the first year, there is no class during the months of July and August. However, after the students start their Clinical Internship in year 2, they have 2 half-days of clinic per month during the months of July and August.

Each student gets a personalized OCH email address and Online Classroom account. Assignments, presentations and lecture notes are shared using the Online Classroom and are easily accessible to all students. These online tools are fairly easy to use and OCH provides training on their use to all students at the beginning of the program.

All classes are video recorded and can be followed live by Webinar for our Distance Education students or replayed after the class by all students, including in-class students. If students miss a class, they can therefore easily catch-up using these tools.


Our faculty is composed of a diverse team of homeopaths and medical professionals who each have their own area of expertize.

Shahram Ayoubzadeh, MD (Senegal), ND, has been teaching homeopathy since 1999. He is the Director of the Ottawa college of Homeopathy (OCH). He mixes old and new case analysis styles and teaches the various methods of homeopathic case taking and analysis.

Maria Reid, Homeopath, is a dynamic teacher who helps students understand the properties of homeopathic medicines and how to use them to help patients. This branch of homeopathy is called Materia Medica.

Gaela Nelson, Homeopath, teaches Materia Medica & Repertory, Ethical Practice, and modules relating to Pregnancy and Childbirth. She has a special interest in Pediatrics.

Mokhtar Akbari, PT, Homeopath, teaches the principles and methods of homeopathic practice and is our Head Administrator.

Maha Mansour is a Egyptian-trained medical doctor and pediatrician. She teaches pediatrics, medical sciences, pathology and physical examination.

Sebastian Kristoff is a Ukrainian-trained medical doctor and psychiatrist. He teaches psychology, medical sciences, pathology and physical examination.

Our program also includes a comprehensive anatomy, physiology and pathology course which is given as an online webinar by renowned American homeopath, Dr. Will Taylor.

Student profiles

Homeopathy students come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Some students are nurses, medical doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists or other health professionals. Others come from a variety of fields that are not directly related to homeopathy or health care. Although prior medical knowledge is a plus, it is not a prerequisite for studying homeopathy. Whether your background is in the arts, sciences or another field, a career in homeopathy is within your reach if you have a true desire to help people heal. The study of basic medical sciences is integrated in our curriculum and students with prior anatomy, physiology and pathology training can get credits for these courses.

Some of the greatest homeopaths in the world today have had prior careers as mothers, homemakers, film directors, artists, engineers and in other fields. Today, they transform the life of their patients by offering them a unique treatment modality. Indeed, homeopathy alleviates physical pains, restores the patient’s vital energy and heals their emotional pain by bringing deeper self-awareness. These homeopaths help to heal pain on one hand. Yet on the other hand, they offer much more. The most important gift they offer is that of true freedom to live a serene, happy and purposeful life away from the narrow thought patterns that restrict us. With a few years of dedicated study and practice, you can learn to do the same.

Although it is preferable for students to have some postsecondary education or work experience, it is also possible to choose homeopathy as your first field of study after completing high school. If this is your status, we will set up a meeting to inform you of the skills you will need to study and work in homeopathy and to evaluate your readiness to enter this profession.

A Career in Homeopathy

Homeopathy has been a regulated profession in Ontario since April 1, 2015. As such, homeopaths are licensed professionals who abide by standards of practice set out by a regulatory board: the College of Homeopaths of Ontario.

Homeopaths in Ontario and most other jurisdictions work in a private clinical practice. Some work in multidisciplinary offices with other health professionals and others work from home offices. The fees for homeopathy are not covered by public health insurance in Canada. Patients pay privately for their treatments. However, some patients have private health benefit plans which do cover homeopathy and this trend is increasing as more people demand  homeopathy services.

Homeopathy practices vary from part time to full time depending on the needs and situation of each practitioner. Growing a private practice does take some time. As such, homeopaths will often start their career by working part time as a homeopath while supplementing their income with another job and gradually transition more and more time to their homeopathic practice as their patient base grows over a few years. Some use homeopathy alone while others choose to use it as an adjunct along other healing modalities.

Work in a private practice requires some basic business skills like budgeting, marketing, website creation, appointment management, and maintaining a professional practice environment. These skills are integrated into our curriculum to help students transition into private practice once they graduate from our program.

It is also important to recognize that homeopathy is a fascinating field of study within itself, even if one does not intend to become a practitioner. Homeopathy informs and transforms the life of its students and helps them see themselves and those around them in a new light. It imparts insight and helps them gain a new perspective on their own life and on the challenges that they face. It is in fact more than a simple health discipline, but rather one in which the body, mind and soul are studied and understood along side each other as a living whole. As such, some students choose to study homeopathy simply to better understand themselves and the world around them and may not intend to practice homeopathy with patients. In addition, careers in homeopathy are also possible outside the field of clinical practice. Examples of related fields are: homeopathic research, work with advocacy groups & associations, marketing, education, administration, and post graduate seminar organisation.

Student for a Day

If you are considering a career in homeopathy, we would like to help you understand what homeopathy is and what it can accomplish. The best way to do this is for you to witness it by joining us as part of our Student for a Day Program. This program will give you the opportunity to sit in a real class and see cases of patients that have been helped by homeopathy. Here, you can experience the class setting and understand what work in homeopathy entails. You can then make an informed decision about your study with us and your future in the field of homeopathy.

Contact us to reserve your spot in this program and see what it is like to study homeopathy!