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Professional Homeopathic Training Program

This complete 3-year program includes both academic and clinical training in homeopathy and prepares students for a career as a homeopath. It may also lead to careers in adjunct roles in homeopathic organizations, advocacy groups and educational institutions. This program integrates the theoretical study of homeopathy as outlined in the Academic Foundation Program and the hands-on clinical training outlined in the Clinical Internship Program. These programs are interwoven together to be completed over a span of 3 years. Together, they surpass the educational requirements of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario and qualify the students to apply for licensing with this regulatory board. The program is also designed to meet the requirements to work as a homeopath in most jurisdictions outside of Ontario. It includes:

  • 750+ hours of theoretical education – the Academic Foundation Program
  • 225+ hours of supervised clinical internship – the Clinical Internship Program

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be awarded Ottawa College of Homeopathy’s highest qualification: the Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine Diploma. You can learn more about this program by visiting the Program Overview page.

Academic Foundation Program

This program includes 750+ hours of academic classroom/webinar study in the theoretical foundations of homeopathy. It is designed for students who want to complete the theoretical foundation courses in homeopathy with our College but wish to pursue their clinical education with another homeopath or institution that may be in closer proximity to them. This course is also open to individuals who want to learn the basics of homeopathy in order to help themselves, their family and close friends without intending to open a practice as a homeopath. Individuals who wish to learn homeopathy as a path to self-discovery and personal growth may also choose to enrol in this program. For more information please visit our Program Overview page.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be awarded OCH’s Academic Foundation Program Certificate.

Clinical Internship Program

This program is spread over 2 years and provides 225+ hours of clinical training including case taking, case analysis and supervision time. Students receive direct one on one supervision and guidance from our faculty during the process of taking and analyzing cases. The clinical internship takes place in groups of 2 to 4 students, with one student being the primary case taker and the other students acting as observers or secondary case takers. Students alternate between these roles during clinic days.

Our Clinical Internship Program is one of the hallmarks of OCH’s approach to homeopathic education. Our homeopathy program is firmly grounded in clinical practice. Students learn all the aspects of running a successful homeopathic clinic over an extended period of 2 years. This insures that they gain confidence and mastery in the diverse range of skills required to become a successful homeopath. Here are some of the key skills that students acquire during this program:

  • They learn how to approach patients to create therapeutic relationships geared towards providing patient centered care.
  • They gain experience in explaining the process of homeopathic care to patients, providing information on their prescriptions and answering common patient questions and queries related to homeopathic care.
  • They become proficient in taking a homeopathic case and analysing it to arrive at successful prescription.
  • They learn how to manage cases over the course of treatment in order to maximise healing and remove obstacles to the patient’s healing process.
  • Students acquire the ability to recognise serious health conditions requiring immediate medical referral and learn to work in collaboration with other health professionals in a network of care.
  • Students also learn very practical business skills required to run a daily practice, such as keeping a safe and welcoming clinic environment, scheduling, billing, giving appointment reminders, advertising and promoting their practice.

Our thorough Clinical Internship Program ensures that our students graduate with the tools they need to run a thriving homeopathic practice and actively participate in the development of the homeopathic profession.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be awarded Ottawa College of Homeopathy’s highest qualification: the Homeopathic Medicine Professional Diploma.

Webinar Distance Education

All of our programs are also available through Webinar Distance Education. Click the link for details.