Our faculty is composed of a dedicated team of professional licensed homeopaths registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, the regulatory body for homeopathy in Ontario, Canada. They all share life-long dedication to the study and teaching of homeopathy.

Maha Mansour

MD (Egypt), Hom, DSHM

Dr. Maha Mansour is a trained Medical Doctor and Pediatrician (Egypt) and registered professional Homeopath in Ontario. She teaches and oversees the Medical Science courses at the Ottawa College of Homeopathy, giving students insight into pathology and the use of therapeutics in homeopathy.

Mokhtar Akbari

PT, Hom

Mokhtar Akbari is a Homeopath and Physiotherapist specializing in chronic pain treatment at Rideau Physiotherapy in Ottawa, Ontario. He received training at the Canadian Homeopathic Institute as well as the School of Homeopathy, UK.

Maria Reid

BA, Hom

After having used homeopathy for over 16 years for her sons and herself, Maria became a homeopath herself and now has an established practice in downtown Ottawa. At the Ottawa College of Homeopathy, Maria mainly teaches Materia Medica, the study of homeopathic medicines.

Gaela Nelson

BA, Hom

Gaela Nelson has been practicing Classical Homeopathy in Ottawa since 2005. Gaela has extensive experience in the areas of women’s health, pediatrics, and perinatal care. She has a passion for natural family wellness and promoting homeopathy’s role in mental health.

Shahram Ayoubzadeh


Dr. Shahram Ayoubzadeh is a trained Medical Doctor (Senegal) and Acupuncturist, and a practicing Naturopathic Doctor and professional Homeopath. His extensive medical training and decades of medical practice have lead him on a rich, rewarding journey as a health professional with a focus on alternative treatment. He is the Founder, Director and principal instructor at the Ottawa College of Homeopathy.