Admission Details

Registrar: Julie Goldring
Head Administrator: Mokhtar Akbari
Program Director: Shahram Ayoubzadeh
Application due date: July 1, 2018
Program start date: September 8, 2018
Class day: Classes will be held Saturdays from 9AM to 5PM.

Prospective students start the admissions process once they have participated in an information session, spoken with a faculty member or attended our College courses as part of the Student for a Day program. Students may apply for admission any time before the start of a 3-year Professional Homeopathic Training Program. Applications will still be accepted after the due date if spots are still available. Students with or without training in healthcare are welcome to apply.

Admission Requirements

There are 2 main admission requirements for enrollment into the Professional Homeopathic Training Program.

  1. The first admission requirement is a university degree, college diploma or enrollment in any undergraduate academic institution within the last 2 years.
  2. An understanding of the rewards and challenges of studying homeopathy and a strong motivation to do so.

Students who meet these criteria must complete the following steps to be considered for enrollment:

  1. Contact the Ottawa College of Homeopathy to signal their intent to apply for enrollment. At this time, they can schedule a meeting to speak with a faculty member, participate in an information session, or attend our college courses as part of the Student for a Day program.
  2. Print, complete and sign the Application Form.
  3. Obtain transcripts for all university degrees, college diplomas and any other post-secondary courses taken. If you are applying as a Mature Student, you must submit your transcripts for the last 3 years of High School along with the Application Form.
  4. Complete the Motivation Letter. This letter is meant to help you evaluate the rewards and challenges of completing homeopathic training and engaging in a career in homeopathy. It is also meant to help us determine your eligibility for admission into one of our programs.
  5. Reference Letters. Ask 1 personal contact and 1 professional contact to each write a reference about you and to submit it to us directly from their address. They may email the letter to us at info [at] or send it to us via regular mail.
  6. Send documents 2, 3, and 4 and the Application Fee of $125 to the Ottawa College of Homeopathy, Integral Health Campus, 355 Waverley St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0W4. The Application fee is non-refundable.
  7. Admissions interview: After we have received all your documents (including reference letters), we will contact you to schedule a 30 minute admissions interview.
  8. After the interview, the Admissions Board will meet and review the application. The candidate will then receive an Acceptance or Non-Acceptance letter by email within 2 weeks of the interview. The Admissions Board is composed of the Program Director and the Head Administrator of the OCH.
  9. When an applicant receives an Acceptance letter, they have 14 calendar days to pay the $500 non-refundable tuition deposit. This deposit counts towards their first year tuition payment. Payment of this deposit confirms that the student is officially registered into the program. A failure to pay the tuition deposit on time may result in the applicant losing their spot in the program.
  10. Accepted students who meet the following 2 deadlines will receive a $200 textbook credit from the OCH. This credit will be applied to their purchase of the main textbook for the course: The Homeopathic Compendium by David Little. The deadlines are:

a. Early application due date: June 1 for September enrolment and November 1 for February enrolment. All applications, documents and application fee must be paid by this date.

b. Early tuition deposit: July 1 for September enrolment and December 1 for February enrolment. The $500 non-refundable tuition deposit must be paid by this date.

Please note that all documents, with the exception of the Application Form and transcripts, may be submitted electronically to the OCH at the following address: info [at] This is our preferred way of receiving documents pertaining to student applications. Please attach all documents to a single email and send them together.

The Application Form and transcripts must be sent in paper form by regular mail. Other documents may also be sent by regular mail as needed. Our mailing address is:

Ottawa College of Homeopathy, Integral Health Campus, 355 Waverley St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0W4, Canada

Program Schedule

The program may be deferred by 3 to 5 months if sufficient students have not yet qualified for the program. Classes will happen 1 day a week, generally on Saturday or Sunday depending on the year in which the program starts. Once the Clinical Internship Program starts in year 2, internship days may vary from regular class days depending on the availability of students and faculty as well as the needs of the teaching clinic patients.

Mature Students

Mature students are those students who have not obtained a university degree or college diploma, and who have not been enrolled in any undergraduate academic institution within the last 2 years.

These students may apply for admission to our program as mature students and their application will be assessed on an individual basis.

Mature Applicant status must provide:
– Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency
– An official transcript covering their last three years of secondary school studies
– A resume
– A Motivation Letter with the additional section for mature students. This letter explains why you want to undertake this program and why you believe you can successfully complete your degree.

Special Students

Special Students are students to which one or both of the following apply:

  1. Students who would like to enroll in selected courses without completing one of our 3 diploma programs.
  2. Students who are auditing the courses and not getting grades for the courses.

Applying for admission as a special student may be beneficial for individuals who do not have the academic skills or language skills necessary to successfully pass the courses offered in the Professional Homeopathic Training Program. It is also a good option for those who wish to study homeopathy as a path of self-discovery and self-empowerment but who do not wish to pursue a career as a homeopath. Qualified homeopaths may also wish to apply to the OCH as special students in order to update and refresh their skills.

Special students may still complete all the courses without receiving grades or may receive grades for selected courses only. At the end of their 3-year program they will receive an Auditor’s Certificate in Homeopathy. They may not be eligible to apply for admission to the College of Homeopaths of Ontario and as such will not be allowed to use the title of homeopath in Ontario. But the valuable knowledge they will have acquired will still be useful to them in understanding themselves and the world. In addition, they will likely learn enough about homeopathy to be able to use it to help themselves and their own family, but without holding themselves out to be homeopaths.

Special students need to complete the same admissions process which applies to the Professional Homeopathic Training Program. They application will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Academic Foundation Program Admissions

The admission requirements for the Academic Foundation Program are the same as those for the Professional Homeopathic Training Program. Those who wish to register only for the Academic Foundation Program and not take part in clinical training will have 1 day of class per week in year 1. In years 2 and 3, they will have half a day of class per week in addition to half a day of anatomy, physiology and pathology webinar per week.

Clinical Internship Program Admissions

The students who have completed an academic training program in homeopathy but who have not done clinical training can apply for admission into our Clinical Internship Program. These students must complete the same admissions process as those outlined above for the Professional Homeopathic Training Program. In addition, they must submit proof of their academic study in homeopathy. This will include their homeopathy diploma and their transcripts from the homeopathy program which they completed. OCH reserves the right to request detailed outlines from their courses to ensure that these students are ready to enter the Clinical Internship Program.

Admissions Policy

The Ottawa College of Homeopathy holds itself to a high standard of equity and fairness in its admissions process. OCH strives to eliminate all forms of prejudice and admits qualified students independent of their age, sex, race, color, religion, disability, country of origin or sexual orientation. As such, OCH abides by the Ontario Human Rights Code and ensures equal rights to all people.

The OCH admits students of varying backgrounds if they are motivated to study homeopathy and meet the academic and character requirements needed to complete the program. The OCH’s Admissions Board reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant who may not meet the standards of competence required by the homeopathic profession. The OCH models its competency goals around those set out by the College of Homeopaths of Ontario (regulatory board) and the Council for Homeopathic Certification.