About Us

Welcome to Ottawa College of Homeopathy

The Ottawa College of Homeopathy was founded by Dr. Shahram Ayoubzadeh, MD, ND, in 1999 under the name Canadian Homeopathic Institute. Since then, we have been inspiring students and helping to train dedicated homeopaths. Our College provides quality education in a communal, friendly environment which supports and encourage each of our students. We are a hub for the homeopathic community in Ottawa-Gatineau with connections to the greater homeopathic community worldwide. We are passionate teachers, dedicated to the expansion of this wonderful healing art for the good of local families and our greater community. If you have an interest in natural medicine and natural healing  modalities, visit us to explore a career as homeopath, researcher, or advocate in the homeopathic community.

What is Unique About the Ottawa College of Homeopathy

The Ottawa College of Homeopathy is built on professionalism, a desire to serve our community and the passion for true healing of its faculty and students. Our program is unique in that it is Comprehensive, Clinically-focused, and Personal. Our College only accepts a limited number of applicants and focuses on personalized teaching in small groups. Students get the full attention of faculty throughout their studies and become part of the OCH family.

We provide serious professional training in an amicable and supportive environment where everyone is valued and appreciated for their unique gifts and learning styles. Our College also creates spaces for friendships to emerge through communal lunches and events. Through our comprehensive Professional Homeopathic Training Program, we help to shape highly trained homeopaths and a community of individuals dedicated to the promotion of homeopathy.

Our program is clinically-focused. Students get extensive clinical training at our Teaching Clinic for 2 full years. This helps students gain the practical skills and confidence needed to run a successful homeopathic practice upon graduation. Our Teaching Clinic is run as a service to the Ottawa-Gatineau community. The clinic charges low fees and facilitates access to homeopathic treatment for community members who could not otherwise afford it. This clinical focus, along with the comprehensiveness of our program and our personalized and supportive study environment are what make us a unique place to study homeopathy.